Tuesday, July 31, 2007

july recap

It's end of July, and let's just see what happened in the 7th month of the year 2007.

Sibu Trip: 3-4 July.
I had to fly over to Sibu for a night's stay to replace a faulty power pack for the server. Work, gah!

Blades World 2007 @ One World Hotel, KL: 11-12 July.
It took me less than a year to go back KL, sooner than I expected.

This trip is the trip I'd complain the least. I made my first official trip, which doesn't require me to work. This is what I call fun.

Unlike my other trips, I need not to wait till after-5, and shut down servers, and start working on the server. I love this the most. Sit back, relax and enjoy. Just go there and attend conference.

The only complain was. the trip was too short.

One night only.

10th Rainforest World Music Festival @ Sarawak Cultural Village, Kuching: 13-15 July
My first visit to the annual world-class event in Kuching - Rainforest World Music Festival.

It was great!

I'll definitely come again next time.

And next year, I hope I can extend my exposure to the media/press. :D

Bloggers' Meet @ Bestberry: 21 July
Dropped by to this meet after driving over to office on a Saturday afternoon. -_-

Click Irene's and Annna's for write up to that. (Note: Annna's new URL is changed to this.)

Bloggers' Gathering @ Sue's (by invite only): 22 July
Sue invited us over to her place for dinner. She cooked us some really delicious dishes.
Thanks Sue.

Annna & Ehon

Annna's picha.

Bridal Fair - Circle of Amour @ Level 5, Permata Carpark, Kuching: 27-29 July

A three-day-event.

5 visits from me.

A place you can see more DSLRs than you can ever imagine. -_-"

Birthdays in July
6 July - Yin
9 Juy - Emily
16 July - Vivien
24 July - Sharleen
30 July - Mel

Happy birthday July babies! =)

Been busy over the past few days.. stretching to almost the whole week, or maybe whole of two weeks.


Up next...


robin said...

allen has been a busy busy boy !!!
sigh.... so many things happened in kuching and I am not there to see it !!!

babyphoenix said...

exciting july i must say.. :D

annna said...

*curi gambar curi gambar*

Allen, where u found the 2 songs??