Thursday, October 11, 2007

oh proud oh angkasawan

With all the respect to Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor and Faiz Khaleed, I think they're making too much of hoo-hah on the First Malaysian into Space.

I never give that much of a thought actually. To me, this is not the first time my country tries to achieve something major. There's the tallest twin tower in the world which is of much pride I agree but there are numerous shoddy ones that never made it pass launching and wasted billions of ringgits if all of their expenses are to be added up.
-- SingChie, Tie (

Frankly speaking, I only have one question to ask, "What are we (Malaysians) trying to achieve by spending millions of Ringgit to send a Malaysian to space?"
-- SingChie, Tie (

I didn't watch the live telecast on the blast-off last night, but this morning, my dad said this to me. "That Sheikh Shukor ah, he didn't do much hor? Just sit there and do nothing one."


It's not like a breakout feat done. It's not productive, it doesn't contribute to the nations growth and development. It's just a waste of money.

C'mmon, going to space nowadays is not so much of a technological or a scientific feat, unless, of course you are there to do real stuffs.
-- Soon Hui

Rather, it's just another game the riches play when they get too bored and have nothing better to do on earth.
-- Soon Hui

In my opinion, we have wasted millions of ringgit in wrong area over the past. If we had spent the money a bit wiser, we could have turned our nation's fortune better.
-- Soon Hui

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However, someone thinks it's an inspiration to the future generation. It sure is an inspiration for us all -- we just need to get rich and pay for our space tourism trip!

Our government seems to be very generous paying for Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor's space tour expenses eh? How nice.


Soon Hui said...

Allen, not fair, you didn't quote me faithfully...

Instead of suggesting that our future could be better if we spent our money wiser, I said that the government is spending a lot and at the same time expressed my indignant at the government and the press who are stupid enough to ask us to be proud of the whole angkasawan episode.

So my wordings are stronger, which suit my style just fine :)

AhPauL said...

haha... [soon hui], i agree with you!!!