Monday, October 22, 2007

airasia.. now can everyone fly?

AirAsia's corporate slogan's Now Everyone Can Fly.

Doubt casted on me when I stumbled upon this while surfing for cheaper air ticket in their official website.

If you can't spot the error, I'll just retype it here (without alteration).

Booking Period: 22 - 28 October 2007
Travel Period: 8 - 31 January 2007
Travel Notes: -advance booking required

Now, it doesn't make any logic when we make the booking after the travel period. It doesn't make any sense when the offer is for a past travel period. We're now in October 2007, and we're booking for travel period of January 2007? Advance booking required? How can we fly? Time machine?

Now, I'm sure it's just a typo mistake by the airline's staff. I hope they get it corrected soon. :) Since I have spotted this mistake, Mr.CEO - Mr. Tony Fernandes, can I get a bargain flight over to KL this year end? I plan to fly over to KL for 2008 countdown. :-D

Please feel free to contact me if you're generous to make the offer. Hehe.


And here's the link to the page. If you see the correct date being displayed, they must have already been informed on the error already.

As of now, 6:41am 23 October 2007, it's still displaying the wrong one.

Thanks SoonHui for suggestion, but I hadn't informed the press. =P Nor the Airasia board. Maybe you can do a follow up for me? =P


Soon Hui said...

Allen, that's a wonderful discovery, do you still have the page? It could reveal a serious error in the AirAsia booking system and might have multi million dollars consequence.

This is what I would have done if I were you:
1. Capture the full screenshot, just in case anyone thought that you made up the whole thing
2. Send the link to everyone I know of so that they can link this post on their websites so that when search engines search this post, it will always come off the top
3. Notify the press.

The shareholders of AirAsia would thank you a million times because you helped them to find a serious problem that has a multi million dollar financial consequence

robin said...

hey i wanna fly back to jan 2007 wei..
that time i was still in kuching, aaaahahhahaa..

allen said...

hahaha.. airasia can fly.. =P
go buy la robin!

annna said...

now everyone can fly back time.. Time Machine...