Thursday, October 11, 2007

mr angkasawan of malaysia

Our proud Mr. Spaceman is probably attempting a roti-canai spin in space right now, or maybe even tarik-ing teh tarik in space.

I missed the telecast on the space launch, I didn't follow on the progress. So, how is he now?

Anyway, I just like to bring this post, from my friend Mr. Tie -- Blasting First Malaysian to Space. I just couldn't agree more on what he wrote. I thought it was a well-written piece.

Just something to share with all of you.


Soon Hui said...

I am just sick of how the stupid press and politicians handle the whole angkasawan episode. C'mmon, going to space nowadays is not so much of a technological or a scientific feat, unless, of course you are there to do real stuffs. Rather, it's just another game the riches play when they get too bored and have nothing better to do on earth. Our country is spending a large sum of money on something unproductive and yet they tell us that this is something we should be proud of? Hello? Am I living in a sane world?!

AhPauL said...

cool man, can eat roti canai and teh tarik in the cyber space!!!