Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I have moved...

I have moved to to new domain. The new url for the domain will be Effective from today (1st July 2008), will be the primary ground for me to blog.

I will not delete this blog, but yet to decide what to do with this blog just yet. Will announce it again when my final decision comes.

So see ya over my new place at!

Note: The Portfolio link on my index page for is not working because I am still working on that section of my website, click on the blog link and you will be directed to my new blog. Also please note that, there are still a lot of elements missing from my side bar, and you will get to see a lot of "Coming Soon" as I continue to build the website. Please bear with me for the moment. Thank you.


ahlost said...

Wah.. Finally.. *LOL*

Use this blog to write paid posts *LOL*

allen said...

[ ahlost ]
good idea wor.. LOL!