Saturday, June 16, 2007

power station 动力火车 concert @ travilion mall, kuching

Those who has been around Travilion Mall area these few days, you cannot miss the huge stage they were putting up there.

Those were the preparation for the BIG thing tonight - Power Station (动力火车) concert.

Power Station is a band of two from Taiwan. They are known for their powerful vocal, and their music genre is mostly rock. They haven't released new album for quite few years now. It is said they had been occupied with church activities.

The last time they were here in Kuching, I was there too. I was still in 'school' that time. Pretty young. I can't remember which year. It was held in Civic center.

I'm glad to know about this event this time round. Excited!

This concert will also feature other artistes like Anthony, as well as some local bands (i assume). I do not have much info on this concert.

Here are some of the shots I took last night, and the organizers are tuning up for the event today.

The main stage.

The control tower.

The lightings.

The stage. Shot this on tripod on long exposure. However, the vibration from the sound wave was too much for my tripod, thus, the blurred image.

The stage rehearsal, and tune up.

Anyway, I will be there tonight to shoot the stage event. If you do see me there, do say hi.


And I just thought this thing (placed under the stage) looks so-cool.

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