Sunday, June 24, 2007

during last weekend...

I needed a break, so I took a day off from work on Friday.

Weekend started earlier for me last week, and I became a tourist for a day or two in Kuching. It was fun rediscovering my own homeland after so many years. After all, I am almost a stranger to my own homeland after spending most of my past 6-7 years away from Kuching.

Joining together with friends from Singapore, most of them were making their first visit to the capital of Sarawak, we visited to several attraction spots here.

Hera are the previews of what happened on Friday, and Saturday.

On Friday...

A walk in Main Bazaar area.

A blue sky with phenomenon, view from Carpenter Street, Kuching.

A visit to the living musuem - Sarawak Cultural Village.

On Saturday...

A local celebrity's visit, Chef Wan.

Tracking into one of many natural reserves in Borneo - Bako National Park.

At the end of the trip, I was all burnt out. Still it was real fun! :-) Detailed update will be up soon.


Pink Cotton said...

its nice to bcome a tourist in ur place hor?

hmmm chef wan really come to kch?u shud ask him for autograph lei :P

allen said...

pink cotton yeah it sure does! :)

hehe.. i thought u wanted to suggest him to cook. :P