Wednesday, November 07, 2007

november bomb.

Short Note: Coco is sick =( Let us all pray for her recovery.

Red bomb galore. In the month of November, I have received two bombs already. It's wedding season now, bridal studios are packed with appointments, wedding registration counters have long queue.

And I have two weddings to attend to, and to cover.

First of the two would be this coming Sunday - 11/11/2007.

Second invitation card comes with personal touch. The dark gray envelope suggests something special, and the content didn't disappoint.

There is a seal on the invitation card, with initials of R and M engraved on the seal.

I thought this seal as a touch of class, very nice.

24th November is the day for the second wedding invitation.

And in case you didn't know, the second wedding invitation card was 100% custom, hand made one. Nice, isn't it?

Congratulations to Eric & Hui Chin, and Robert & Michelle!


Soon Hui said...

Seeing these cards made me feel...a bit lost. Suddenly the old sweet memories came back to me. It was as if yesterday that we just barely met each other and suddenly, I am here in KL as a stranger, far away from my friends and family.

Only wish that I can rewind back the time to taste the bitter sweet again .:(

allen said...

come back lor

Soon Hui said...

There is no turning back, my friend Allen.

annna said...

the wedding card so nice lar.. so, bergaya! haha..

hope the pups get well soon and be "activier" than before!

allen said...

yup! special card! i like it.
pups are back in action liao..
they are sure 'active-er' than before liao.. barking so loud dy.. (>.<)

ahlost said...

wow.. congrats to your friends :)

Lee Chien said...

wah, i like the stamp (or chop) of the envelope leh..

Soon Hui said...
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Soon Hui said...

Allen, on the November bomb, I have written something here